Chapel Hill Primary School

Our School

Welcome to Chapel Hill Primary School, opening in September 2024.  As part of the outstanding Lee Chapel family of schools, we pledge to have the very highest expectations and aspirations for all our pupils.  Chapel Hill will be a happy and exciting learning community that nurtures high attainment and success for all.

The pupils who will attend our new school will be Chapel Hill’s ambassadors.  They will demonstrate what it means to be a pupil at our school - a place where they are happy, encouraged, respected, nurtured and challenged.  They will help shape our school for all the children who come after them and truly pave the way as young leaders.

The children will be provided with an excellent environment in which we can deliver an aspirational education where pupils can thrive.  We have recruited teachers who are passionate about creating engaging and meaningful experiences and who will build the children’s love for learning in all subjects, including the performing arts, art, design and technology, humanities, physical education and computing.  Chapel Hill’s pupils will leave Year 6 ready for their next step in their educational journey, confident and compassionate members of society.  They will know about the importance of community and the values that underpin this; mutual respect, positive relationships and helping others.  They will be responsible global citizens, equipped with the knowledge and skills to be forces of positive change in the world.

Our Curriculum will be rich in the delivery of basic skills as well as the mastery and application of knowledge.  The learning environment will be stunning and reflect the high emphasis we place on sports and the creative and performing arts to enrich the learning experience.  We aim to reflect the diversity of the community we serve through a strong and powerful community cohesion with high parental involvement across the school.

Chapel Hill is part of the Lee Chapel Multi-Academy Trust.  The Trust is delighted and excited that the school joins the highly successful family of Basildon Primary Schools to provide Outstanding provision for the local community.

Chapel Hill Primary School’s motto, ‘Learning to Succeed’, encapsulates our vision; we are all on a continuous journey of learning, whilst trying to achieve success in everything that we do.  Chapel Hill will be a dynamic yet disciplined place to learn.  We aim for all our pupils to achieve excellent academic results which will enable them to succeed at Primary School and beyond.

Our curriculum is designed to be innovative and flexible, meeting the needs of individual pupils.  Throughout their time at Chapel Hill, pupils will be provided with an impressive range of curricular and extra-curricular opportunities.  Our passion for learning, however, will extend well beyond academic life, working hard to develop the cultural, sporting, moral and social side of our pupils, with a school year packed with sports, concerts, productions, trips, charity work and clubs.

Ultimately, what will make Chapel Hill Primary School special will not be its impressive buildings or stunning facilities, but our commitment to always putting our pupils above anything else and to keep on improving.  Chapel Hill Primary School will be a unique place to grow, develop and succeed, for staff and pupils alike. 

We very much look forward to working with you as we embark on your child's learning journey together!